Professional plumbing LIC# 879334


Recommendation via Neighborhood Community Network

"Hello neighbors, 
Yesterday we had a minor plumbing emergency and had to find a plumber. I found a local business, Leo's Plumbing & Piping. 
I wanted to share my experience because I feel like good, local small businesses are worth sharing. 
Leo went above & beyond to fix our plumbing issues. He was polite and kind to my 4-year-old son, who was quite interested in the work going on around the house. 
Leo's quality of work, expertise, and very reasonable prices made me extremely happy (given the situation, of course). If anyone is ever in need of a plumber, I whole-heartedly recommend Leo's Plumbing. He lives and works in Santa Paula. 
I've included a photo of his business card just in case anyone is interested."

-Elizabeth  (Santa Paula, Ca)

Recommendation via

"Leo & Jerry are extremely good plumbers. They have been fixing our plumbing for YEARS! I met them through my nephew. They are kind. 99% of the time they can give same day service! Prices are very fair."

-Nancy  (Ventura, Ca)